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Wire Mesh Conveyor Belts for Tyre Industries

Our company manufactures metal conveyor belts which find their use across tyre industry. These metal conveyor belts are designed for easy transportation over an inclined surface. These belts offer suitable coefficient of friction which is required for smooth running of loaded products and avoiding them from slipping. Advance Engineering Co.ís metal conveyor belts for tyre industries are available with following specifications:

Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt for Tyre Industries   Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt for Tyre Industries

Sr. No. Specifications No. of Spirals Per Feet No. of Cross Rods Per Feet Spiral Wire Dia Cross Wire Dia
1. B-12-12-08-10 12 12 08 swg 10 swg
2. B-24-19-10-10 24 19 10 swg 10 swg

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